Tamba Las Vegas

Tamba Indian Cuisine
3743 Las Vegas Blvd S # 205
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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Tamba Las Vegas Review: Horrid Indian Food

Tamba Indian restaurant in casino capital Las Vegas gives our famed Indian cuisine a rotten reputation.

A disgraceful Indian restaurant that misses no opportunity to show its contempt for diners unfortunate enough to step into its dining room, Tamba is one of the revoltingly bad Indian dumps in the U.S. we've had the misfortune to dine at.

The food at Tamba was lousy, the service pathetic and dealing with the restaurant's post-meal billing mess a torture.

Tamba - Shame of Las Vegas
In most bad Indian restaurants in the U.S., misery ends once we step out of the restaurant.

But not at Tamba.

As if the lousy food and pathetic service were not punishment enough, the bozos at Tamba tormented us even after we left this Las Vegas hellhole of an Indian restaurant. More on this later. Let's get to the ugly food at Tamba first.

Awful Kali Dal
Described on the Tamba menu as slow cooked Black lentils with a medley of spices, a north Indian favorite, Kali Dal conjures up visions of a nice vegetable item. That, sir, is plain fiction. Tamba's Kali Dal was one of the ugliest, tasteless vegetarian dishes that ever touched our lips. One spoon of this spiceless, bland, effete Black Lentils was enough for us to see red.

If Tamba's Kali Dal was bad, its Chicken Tikka Masala was a horror show. A tasteless, creamy monstrosity that should never have been placed in front of any diner, Tamba's Chicken Tikka Masala attested to a hopeless kitchen that was incompetent at the most basic of Indian food.

Tamba's merciless assault on our defenseless tastebuds continued. You see, Tamba is not a restaurant that bestows intense flavors in its curries.

Disappointing Tandoori Chicken
Tandoori Chicken was another disappointing item on our table. An overcooked and partially burnt black mess, Tamba's Tandoori Chicken was what it claimed to be in name only. For some inexplicable reason, we did not get the obligatory piece of lime piece that comes with Tandoori Chicken at most restaurants.

By this time, we were convinced that Tamba's hopeless kitchen must be manned not by professional cooks but by a bunch of rank amateurs.

Naan Bread
Neither the Garlic Naan nor the Raita restored the missing joy in our meal. Both were nothing to write home about.

The Plain Naan bread that was part of our dinner never arrived. No explanation was offered although we were charged for it.

Was Tamba's kitchen heaping humiliation on hapless diners for some unattended grievance?

Lamb Curry
Just as we resigned ourselves to our rotten luck, we tasted the Lamb Curry. Cooked to perfection, the Lamb Curry was a delightful aberration in our overall disastrous meal at Tamba. The tender meat set in a spicy and tasty gravy was a welcome respite.

We badly wanted to try the Kulfi Ice Cream listed on the menu. But when we asked our waiter as to how often the Kulfi was made, he replied with alarming frankness - not very often. Well, that reply put us off from going anywhere near the Kulfi.

Bad Gajar Halwa
So for dessert we settled on the humble Gajar Halwa (grated carrot dish). And what a disappointment it turned out to be. This impostor of a Gajar Halwa was lacking in sugar and far too dry. Was Tamba skimping on ghee/oil in the preparation of Gajar Halwa.

Besides the delicious Lamb Curry, the only other acceptable part of our meal was the Heineken Beer ($5.00). After a long day, words cannot explain the pleasure that comes from a bottle of chilled Heineken or a glass of nice Margarita.

Tamba Service
The service at Tamba is on par with the quality of its food, i.e. below par.

The waiters would huddle together at the cash register and keep chatting, completely indifferent to diners. We had a hard time catching their attention when we wanted to order something.

The rest room at Tamba was dirty with toilet paper strewn all around the floor.

Disgusted as we were, we blamed our bad Karma that brought us to this dumpster of a restaurant and headed back to the crowded Las Vegas strip.

Tamba Billing Nightmare
As we left this lousy Indian restaurant in Las Vegas little did we realize that further agony awaited us upon our return home.

When we got our credit card bill for our Tamba meal, we were shocked to find that we'd been charged twice for our meal.

Talk of doubling our misery!

Well, mistakes happen in life. So we called Tamba and spoke to someone called Daljit Dhillion, who identified himself as the owner. When we explained the situation, Daljit Dhillon acknowledged the double-charging issue.

We have 100 customers like this, Dhillon told us and claimed that the fault was with the credit card machine people.

But what irritated us was that this bozo Daljit Dhillon falsely claimed the money had already been refunded to our credit card the previous day itself.

Although we patiently explained that we had just looked at our credit card statement a little while earlier and there was no refund, this idiot kept repeating like a parrot that the money was already refunded to our credit card.

When we told him again that the money for double-charging us had not been refunded, this dolt told us rudely - You wait for one or two days.

So, we waited. And waited. And waited. Even 25 days after our conversation with this Daljit Dhillon fella, the duplicate charge for our Tamba meal was still not refunded.

By now, we realized that we were dealing with a bunch of morons or worse.

And finally out of sheer frustration we contacted our credit card company, complained about the duplicate charge from our Tamba fiasco and got it removed.

How these buffoons at Tamba got a license to run an Indian restaurant in Las Vegas is a mystery to us.

How can an Indian restaurant in Las Vegas be this bad? We could think of only two possibilities - Either the chimps from the Las Vegas zoo on Rancho Drive escaped their cages and are working their mischief in Tamba's kitchen and dining room or the inmates at a nearby asylum escaped and sought asylum in Tamba.

More likely, it is the combination of chimps from the zoo and escapees from the asylum that are jointly wreaking havoc on unsuspecting diners at Tamba. © NevadaIndia.com

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